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News / Last minute
News / Last minute, Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi all'insegna del relax e della buona cucina dal 18 al 25 aprile

3 giorni mezza pensione € 160,00 pensione completa € 190,00

4 giorni mezza pensione € 195,00 pensione completa € 230,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 325,00 pensione completa € 385,00

News / Last minute, 25 aprile 1 maggio

25 aprile 1 maggio

Dal 23 aprile 1 maggio in Val di Rabbi 
dal 24 aprile al 1 maggio

3 giorni mezza pensione € 145,00 pensione completa € 170,00

4 giorni mezza pensione €185,00 pensione completa € 215,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 320,00 pensione completa € 360,00

Delights for the palate at the restaurant in Val di Rabbi

An holiday in Trentino doesn't only offer incontaminated mountains but also the specialities of the regional cuisine.

The kitchen of our restaurant in Val di Rabbi is run directly by Irma and Francesco, who propose a combination of tasty trentino dishes and the light meditteranean cuisine, focusing for the preparation of these dishes on the choise of local and biological products, offered by a still healthy environment and with respect for the nature.

The home-made pasta and the risotto with the delights of the underwood, the tasty and tender meat, together with the game, are the specialities that attends you everyday, surrounded by a colorful Buffet and accompanied by the fragrant trent wines.

And also in the morning an energetic breakfast of local quality products is waiting for you, paying attention to the genuinity and to recipes of the trent sweets.


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