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News / Last minute, Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi all'insegna del relax e della buona cucina dal 18 al 25 aprile

3 giorni mezza pensione € 160,00 pensione completa € 190,00

4 giorni mezza pensione € 195,00 pensione completa € 230,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 325,00 pensione completa € 385,00

News / Last minute, 25 aprile 1 maggio

25 aprile 1 maggio

Dal 23 aprile 1 maggio in Val di Rabbi 
dal 24 aprile al 1 maggio

3 giorni mezza pensione € 145,00 pensione completa € 170,00

4 giorni mezza pensione €185,00 pensione completa € 215,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 320,00 pensione completa € 360,00

The Val di Sole

The name Val di Sole has a precise origin; here the sun is really the principal protagonist of days and seasons. The scenery is one of the most fascinating. The mountains like Ortles, Cevedale, Presanella, Adamello and Dolomiti di Brenta form the background.

From the location Mostizzolo to the Tonale Pass, you will meet the best that the mountain can offer: superb peaks, large expanses of snow for the ski also in summer on the glacier Presena, dense forests ideal for trekking. In the bottom of the valley there are streams full of fish, castles, churches and old settlements where it seems that the time has stopped. The habits, the uses, the typical local kitchen and the traditions belong to the past.

In summer our mountains offer you walking tours,  excursions at an high altitude for the more exercised people, or naturalistic excursions to admire the rich flora and fauna of the mountains.  For a sporting and relaxing holiday the Val di Rabbi is obligatory.

At the mountains the turist locations of Folgarida, Marilleva, Pejo and Passo Tonale offer to the people, who will come and visit us in winter, the best comfort and, above all, skislopes always perfectly snowy.

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