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News / Last minute, Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi

Pasqua in Val di Rabbi all'insegna del relax e della buona cucina dal 18 al 25 aprile

3 giorni mezza pensione € 160,00 pensione completa € 190,00

4 giorni mezza pensione € 195,00 pensione completa € 230,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 325,00 pensione completa € 385,00

News / Last minute, 25 aprile 1 maggio

25 aprile 1 maggio

Dal 23 aprile 1 maggio in Val di Rabbi 
dal 24 aprile al 1 maggio

3 giorni mezza pensione € 145,00 pensione completa € 170,00

4 giorni mezza pensione €185,00 pensione completa € 215,00

7 giorni mezza pensione € 320,00 pensione completa € 360,00

The Stelvio National Park

The Stelvio National Park, the largest protected area of the Alps, wait for you for many excursions and walking tours in its uncontaminated nature.

The departures of the principal excursions are reachable in few minutes directly from the hotel.

According to your physical training and experience you can choose among the more easy excursions and not too engaging, more suitable for all people, where you can observe, in their natural habitat, more than two thousand kinds of plants and flowers and a big variety of animals typical of our mountains. You can also do excursions to one of the alpine refuges surrounded by the peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale group, from where you can enjoy the scenary and the unique landscape.

Just looking up to the sky it is not seldom to see the golden eagle, symbol of the park, to hover in the air or the majestic lammergeyer with its enormous and unique wingspan.

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